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Title Author Ringtone
Amor Ricky Martin
Something stupid Robbie Williams
Het is een kwestie van geduld Rowen Heze
She (A song for maxima) Rene Froger
The world's greatest R. Kelly
The world's greatest v2.0 R. Kelly
The worlds greatest v3.0 R. Kelly
Awakening Rank 1
I will always love you Rik Waller
Russian ghymn Russia
Murka Russia
New year song Russia
I will die for you Russia
Beer Russia
The world's greatest v4.0 R. Kelly
Shine Rosemary's Sons
Everybody Rocco
If tomorrow never comes Ronan Keating
Awakening Rank 1
Put your hands up for Pierre Red & White Crowd
Engel Rammstein
Europe?s living a Celebration Rosa (Spain Eurovision 2002 Theme)
Mutter Rammstein
By the way Red Hot Chili Peppers
No alternative R.B.A.

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