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Title Author Ringtone
between angels and insects Papa Roach
last resort Papa Roach
get get down Paul Johnson
the sound of breaking up Paul Mac
mull of kintyre Paul Mccartney
big brother Paul Oakenfold
for an angel Paul Van Dyke
i dont wanna wait Paula Cole
last kiss Pearl Jam
guaglione (guinness advert) Perez Prado
suburbia Pet Shop Boys
swan lake Peter Ilych Tchaikovsky
papas got a brand new pigbag Pigbag
get the party started Pink
most girls Pink
you make me sick Pink
another brick in the wall Pink Floyd
money Pink Floyd
every you and every me Placebo
slave to the wage Placebo
teenage angst Placebo
chase the sun Planet Funk
alive Pod
dont stand so close to me Police
every breath you take Police

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