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Title Author Ringtone
foot to the floor Oxide And Neutrino
no good for me Oxide And Neutrino
up middle finger Oxide And Neutrino
Liquid Dreams O Town
Wonderwall Oasis
Can Can Offenbach
Original Prankster Offspring
Pretty Fly For A White Guy Offspring
The Kids Aren't Alright Offspring
Why Don't You Get A Job Offspring
Olympic Fanfare (Bugler's Dream) Olympics
Alouette Other
Ba Ba Black Sheep Other
Battle Hymn Of The Republic Other
Black Bear Other
Dixie Other
Dueling Banjos Other
Home On The Range Other
Swing Low Sweet Chariot Other
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Other
When Johnny Comes Marching Home Other
Where Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone Other
Crazy Train Ozzy Osbourne
I Just Want You Ozzy Osbourne
Perry Mason Ozzy Osbourne

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