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Title Author Ringtone
out of reach Gabrielle
androgyny Garbage
cherry lips Garbage
i think im paranoid 1 Garbage
i think im paranoid 2 Garbage
only happy when it rains Garbage
push it Garbage
special Garbage
the world is not enough Garbage
when i grow up Garbage
cars Gary Numan
metal Gary Numan
r friends electric Gary Numan
sana maulit muli Gary Valenciano
rudolph the red nosed reindeer Gene Autry
bee bop a lula Gene Vincent
mama Genesis
black and white rag (snooker theme) George Botsford
my sweet lord George Harrison
careless whisper George Michael
carmen Georges Bizet
calling Geri Haliwell
mi chico latino Geri Haliwell
baker street Gerry Rafferty
another way Gigi Dagostinos

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