Help With Free Nokia Ringtones

How do I enter ringtones into my phone?

...on Nokia phones
First of all, you need to have a Nokia model that has a built-in tone composer. The 3210, 3310, 3330 & 5210 are the most common ones with composers. Or just check yourself by looking through your phone for a "Tones" menu. If you can't find this, go to your "Profiles" menu, choose a profile, click "Personalise" and then look through the options for a "Composer". On some phones, this can also be found in "Settings" and then "Tone Settings". If you don't have a composer, then you can only receive tones over the air (OTA), and even some phones can't do this. As a last resort, you could buy a data cable for your phone and a copy of Logomanager and upload the tones through that.

Anyway, if you're phone has a composer, you're ready to get free tones! OK, I'm assuming you've found the tone you want and you're looking at the code now. Go into your tone composer on your phone and enter the "Keypress" code as it appears on the webpage. Eg, where you see 1, press 1, where you see #, press #. Ignore the commas, they just seperate the notes. The composer code that's appearing on your phone should match the "Nokia Composer Code" on the webpage. Gettit? Also, when you see a number in a bracket in the keypress code, hold that number for a few seconds until a dot appears after it in the composer.

When you've finished entering the keypress code, and it matches the composer code on our pages, press "Select" to reach ringtone options where you can change the tempo of the tone to the tempo on our page. Now play the tone to see what it sounds like! When you;re happy with it, save it onto your phone and you're finished! You can also send it by SMS if you're phone supports that.