Help With Free Motorola Ringtones

...on the Motorola T191

This is easier to explain than the Nokia as it's a specific phone model with definite instructions. Press the menu button and select the "Audio Setting" option. Scroll down and select "Edit Melody", then choose a position to store this new ringtone. You should then be shown a musical score, if there are any musical notes in it press and hold the top left menu button the clear them ready for your new ringtone. Now, enter the key sequence from the web page to place the tone in your phone. Numbers in brackets indicate how many times you have to press that key. Also, where you see 'v' press the middle scroll button down once, this will move you onto the next note. Finally press the top right menu button to play the ringtone and store it on your phone if you like it! After you have stored the tone you can alter the speed it plays at using the "Timebeat" option on your phone.

Motorola V50
Press the menu button and scroll down and select "Phone Setup". A new menu will appear, scroll down and select "Edit Music Tone". The ringtone editor will now be displayed by your phone. Now, type in the key sequence on our webpage to program the new tone into your phone. Press the keys in the order shown and ignore what is appearing on your phones display. Where you see ^ and v press the up or down "volume" keys on the side of the phone as appropriate. Where you see "*" press the * key on your phone. When you have finished entering the key sequence, press "OK" to enter the options menu, and select "Play Music" to listen to the new ringtone. If you like what you hear select "Save Music" to save the new ringtone on your phone. If you find the tone plays too fast, or slow, use the tempo option in the "options" menu to adjust the playback speed (0 being the slowest and 4 the highest).

If you have one of the models listed below then take a look at the Ringtone Converter Software Then all you need to do is copy the RTTL code for your chosen ringtone and it will convert it into a keypress sequence for your phone.

120c, 120e, 120t Key in Standard
270c, 7382, 7389 Key in Standard
Accompli 008 Key in, Motorola SMS Standard
C300 Key in, iMelody  Standard
C331, C332, C333, C350 Key in, Wap  Std & Polyphonic
E360 Key in Standard
P280 Key in Standard
T260, Ti280, T2282 Key in Standard
T720, T720i Key in, Wap Std & Polyphonic
Talkabout Key in, Motorola SMS Standard
Timeport Key in Standard
Ti250 Key in Standard
V60, V60c, V60t Key in Standard
V60i, V60p Key in, iMelody  Standard
V66, V66i Key in Standard
V70 Key in Standard
V100 Key in, Motorola SMS Standard
V120c Key in Standard
Other models with composer Key in Standard