Free Ericsson Ringtones

Help with free Ericsson ringtones

If you have any of the following Ericsson phones then you can input any of our free rttl ringtones direct into your phones composer. To do this you will need to use the ringtone convertor software. Simply copy and paste the code into the program and it will convert it to a keypress sequence for your model.


A1018s Composer / Key in Standard
768, 788 Composer / Key in Standard
R600 Composer / Key in / eMelody Standard
T18, T28 Composer / Key in Standard
T29, T39 Composer / Key in/ eMelody Standard
T60, T65, T66 Composer / Key in/ eMelody Standard
T68, T68i Composer / Key in/ iMelody Standard
T100 Composer / Key in Standard
T200 Composer / Key in, eMelody Standard
T300, T310 Composer / Key in / iMelody / Wap Std & Polyphonic
T600 Composer / Key in / iMelody / Wap Standard
Other models with composer Various Standard